Hey there! I'm Mikhail, or Mikki as most folks call me!  I'm a pet parrot at Homestead's Hatchery and love it here!  I get at least 8 different fresh fruits and veggies every day along with my pellets, fresh sprouts and seed/nut treats. (I love walnuts and raw almonds!) Yum! I also get to spend a few hours each day on a playgym with tons of ropes and climbing things and even a basket of toys! I also go all over the place with mom when she talks to people about proper bird care and responsible parrot ownership! What a great job I have!
To keep me looking my best and encourage preening, I get a regular spray bath on top of my cage. Pardon me...could you pass me a towel?  I absolutely LOVE baths and can't get wet enough! Even when I'm soaked to the skin, I still run at the spray mister for more! Nothing beats a good shower! Now where'd I put my rubber ducky?
I just turned 8 in the year 2005 and can say a few words and phrases, usually when I'm at home feeling safe and sound... and most often I say "Up, up" to let my mom know I want out or up on her for a snuggle.
When it's nice out, I get to go outside on the deck. There's a huge round table and mom always brings my toy basket out so I can play the "I-drop-it-you-pick-it-up" game! Sometimes I wrestle with one of my stuffed toys or play roller bead... I grab one of the wooden beads from the basket and roll it with my beak, then chase it and roll it some more!
Here's gramma and me early in the morning... I'm having a snack atop one of the  playgyms and granny's reading the newspaper. Hey! that's MY newspaper!
Sadly, gramma has passed away now and is sorely missed
<--- Mikki with his "mate" Steven
       above... Mikki displaying
<--- Mikki has gorgeous blue flights that are kept trimmed for his safety.

---> If Mikki had his way, he'd spend his entire day riding around on a human flock member. He'll purr happily and loves to crawl down a shirt or terry bathrobe. Mikki'll hang from a finger by his beak only and loves to repeat this game many times over! He really is one very silly bird!
Mikki and Steven at the All About Pets Show in Toronto. Mikki's a great ambassador and helps to educate folks about responsible companion parrot ownership and care.
Mikki doin' what he does best...
Showing off!
What a ham! Anything for attention!
That's my boy!