Heeeeere's  Rosie...                   Our Rose-breasted, or Galah Cockatoo !
This is my precious Galah hen "Rosie", almost weaned. Her breeders tell us she's quite full of herself and tries to imitate her buddy, a baby white-bellied caique but hasn't quite mastered the art of standing on one's head... yet!
Rosie likes to be nearby her human flock members, whether it be close by on the playgym or right beside me on the arm of my computer chair!
This is Rosie just starting into one of her wonderful cockatoo conniption fits! Wings spreading and about to sing aloud at the top of her lungs! Because I don't want to "teach" her to carry on for long when she does this, I purposefully don't pay attention or "feed" her frenzy by being dramatic with my voice or actions.
Rosie makes front page news! October 2002 issue of the "Newmarket This Month" publication.
Rosie at the January Newmarket Parrot Association meeting where she entertained the members with her antics!
Pic. courtesy of Natasha
These pics of Rosie were taken in February of 2004. She's maturing into a beautiful young lady, is quite strong willed and is going through a hormonal phase that's quite unmistakable! Patience is of key importance while young parrots go through their "teenager" stage where their behaviour can change quite dramatically from when they were babies. Often they will assert themselves to find out where they stand in the pecking order. It helps to keep parrot's flights trimmed to avoid allowing them to be physically above their human flock members which to a parrot means dominance. Aggression and behaviour problems can be the result.
Rosie's wild Australian Rose Breasted Cockatoo cousins... hanging out!
Wild Galah Pics courtesy of Liz McLeod with thanks!
Meet  Storm... a newer addition - a baby male galah!
Storm is 12 weeks old (July 2010) in these pics and still cries for his handfeeding formula... his older brother Quincy is fully weaned now and has gone home to his new family. Storm will be staying at Homestead's Hatchery, hopefully to keep Rosie company when he matures more. (Right now, she really isn't interested in a whiney baby galah!) Pardon the damp feathers around his beak... he pumps hard on the syringe and usually ends up needing his face washed!
Here's Rosie as of July 2010 - isn't she lovely? Still a big ham that talks when asked and enjoys entertaining anyone that will pay attention!
Notice the grey feathers in Storm's crest and chest area... this is typical of a very young galah. He will lose these grey feathers to adult pink ones when he molts.
Meet Starr! A Cute Little Galah Hen!
Storm (wings open) meets Starr for the first time, Oct. 8, 2010
"You put your left foot in, you put your left wing out... "
Sooooo many choices... what's a girl to do?
Where's my drum?
Whisper and Whimsy - our breeding pair of galahs
Storm and Starr
12-13 week old Baby galahs playing and socializing on the bed with a variety of foot toys and a portable gym to practice climbing upon. This is the important exploratory stage! Everything goes in the beak to be manipulated and tasted. Young galahs love to roll onto their back to play with a coveted toy as you'll see below... cute just doesn't come close to describing it!
Did you say Awwwww ?
This is the oldest male in the clutch of 4 and the only boy! Isn't he a beauty?