<--- These are 2 of Kelsey's 3 brothers... Max Jr. 
and Morgan. As you can see, these two pearl boys are molting and already losing their pearl markings as their new adult grey feathers grow in. When their molt is finished, they will resemble normal grey cockatiel males but are still considered pearls even though their pearl markings have molted out.
<--- 5 week old cinnamon pied                               baby just learning to perch                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                "Cameo"  a cinnamon                            whiteface   hen... she's a BIG girl! --- >
                 "Ripley" --- >                 - a beautiful  whiteface    cinnamon pearl pied juvenile at 8 months of age
       "Steele"                recessive       silver  pied whiteface male  ~ 6 weeks of age
Just Cockatiel Pics !
"Trinket" grey pearl hen
"Kali" (left) and "Daisy"... Daisy is a whiteface lutino (or albino) hen and won the best young cockatiel this year! (2000) Kali is a whiteface pied hen and she's super tame and gentle. She goes to shows with me and will go to anyone. Both girls have amazing full crests!
Belle above, and her brother Bingo --->
were both hatched in year 2000 and competed in the young bird class in different shows. Each took best pied cockatiel in their show and Bingo took best young tiel as well.
This is Kelsey... my pride and joy for the year 2000. She has done very well in competition, most notably in the CAS show where she took best young cockatiel and best hookbill in show! I am very proud of her!
These chicks are yellowcheek babies and may be the first of their kind hatched in Canada !  4 of the 5 chicks are visual yellowcheeks and if the cinnamon pied baby is a male, he'll be carrying the yellowcheek gene.
We know from the genetics of the parents, that the 2 pearl chicks have to be hens ! The cinnamon pieds could be either male or female.
The youngest in this clutch is a cinnamon pearl pied hen and has grown into a gorgeous young lady with a huge crest ! She's the wee one peeking up from the bottom and will be staying at Homestead's Hatchery. Her name is "Opal". See how she's maturing at 9 weeks below!
<--- Opal and her cinnamon pearl yellowcheek sister  --->  

Both girls have lovely wing set and beautiful markings.
4 pretty pearl pied babies at 7 weeks of age
"Magic" - Whiteface      lacewing pearl hen
"Aspen" - Whiteface cinnamon pearl pied hen
'Klondike" - Whiteface pearl male - he will lose his pearling at maturity
"Crockett" - Whiteface pearl pied / silver hen
A 2006 baby, "Destiny"  now residing with the Petty's in Virginia...  thanks to Mike and Betty for this awesome pic! This baby is headed for the U.S. show bench and wished much success!
"Tucker" - Cinnamon yellowcheek / pied / pearl
This is "Disney", a cinnamon pearl 
<---- pied chick from my aviary that just found a wonderful new home!
Cinnamon Pied Yellowcheek 2002 hen - Best cockatiel: Victoria B.C. Young Bird Show, 2002
Whiteface Pearl Male
2002 Yellowcheek Cinnamon  Pearl Pied  Male

Recessive Silver Pied "Comet"
Note the red eyes!
Recessive Silver Pearl Pied out of Sterling and Crockett (top left corner above)
These babies are out of "Sterling", a recessive silver / pearl / pied / whiteface cock bird and "Crockett", a whiteface pearl pied / silver hen. The 3 chicks with red eyes are visual recessive silvers and the whiteface baby will be split to silver and pied. (lots of ticking on the back of it's head)
Yellowcheek babies
For those of you that know my yellowcheek breeding pairs, and are waiting for an unrelated mate, or a pair, these chicks are out of Mocha, a cin. pearl pied yc hen and Bingo, a cin. pied / yc / pearl male. (Mocha is the hen from Oklahoma and Bingo is out of Honey, a cin. pied yc hen and Patches, a cin. pied show male.)
Meet "Willow" a 6 week old whiteface cinnamon recessive silver pearl pied hen hatched in 2005. Her eyes are ruby red and she's a sweet baby.
This young lady is "Whisper" - sister to Willow above and is a whiteface recessive silver pearl pied. Great lines for such a young bird and promising size, length and shape.
<--- "Butch" before he molted out his pearling!
Ripley: bred by Phil Feret
This pretty girl is a whiteface cinnamon pearl out of Cameo and Max Jr. She's almost 4 weeks here and was opening her wings in her first attempt at fledging. She's the youngest and has watched, as her siblings have all had their first flights... she desperately wants to join them but hasn't mustered up the nerve yet to take the first leap!