The following folks have visited Homestead's Hatchery and many have adopted a bird or two. They have kindly offered to act as references and welcome your email to answer any questions you may have regarding my facility and/or my birds. If you would like to have your name, or your picture and comments added below, please don't hesitate to get in touch asap !
Michael and Sarah:

What folks have to say about their birds from Homestead's Hatchery...
"Chiquita" is a wonderful bird that's lots of fun and very entertaining. She has a great temperment and loves to have her face scritched! I would highly recommend Homestead's Hatchery to anyone looking for a quality handfed bird. 
R E F E R E N C E S !!! 
Paul and "Chiquita"
Stu & Cathy 
Jane, of Homestead's Hatchery, raises beautiful handfed babies and you would be proud to own one or two of them... We know... We have five of them!!!  Some have already had families of their own! 
Little Cinnamon Whiteface baby "Spice" is well loved and certainly spoiled by the Jones' family!
"Jane, I thought you might enjoy this picture of Jessica and her new best friend "Baby", sharing a special moment together. It was love at first sight between these two! This cinnamon pearl whiteface hen is such a sweet thing! Your loving care, (and by handfeeding them) has proved to be the perfect touch, as at just 15 weeks, she's just as calm, tame and friendly as ever one could imagine.

Thank you so much for allowing us into your home to meet you and so many of your fine feathered friends! We are so happy we found you and that we have added "Baby" to our family membership."
~ Susan:
Jessica and "Baby"
This lovely little cinnamon pearl pied is "Disney", owned and cherished  by the Dorsey family.
Now who do you suppose is the most surprised here?
Meet Susan with her new pearl hen and the second cockatiel to join her flock!
Susan also has a cute budgie named "Big Bird" ! Many thanks Susan for your lesson on digital cameras which produced this great pic! Contact Susan for her perspectives and experiences at Homestead's Hatchery.
The main key to success in experimenting with exciting and new things in life is to have an electrifying, knowledgeable, responsible and reliable "coach or mentor" by your side to guide you, to help you and to sometimes correct you.

You Jane, as the breeder of our Loki and Kojak, were so much more than we could ever hope for in a "mentor". You gave us first  time bird owners, a solid start, the comfort of a lifelong "safety net", and a relationship which I am sure hasn't ended with aquiring our first two boys.
Thank you so very much for making the experience of welcoming and having Loki and Kojak in our lives, an easy, healthy and stress free experience. As a result of your nurturing hard work, and down to earth instructions that we have followed to the letter, I am already, after only 6 days, able to have an unbelievably sweet relationship with my "hair dressers" ! 
Thank you, Kris and Svend                                      

UPDATE: Krisztina and Svend have proudly added a third boy to their feathered flock... a beautiful, gentle whiteface charcoal male who has made himself right at home in their hearts!
     Mike and I can't thank you enough for doing such a great job raising our dusky pionus baby "Kikko" . I know how much time and energy  has to be put into every baby bird to make it the perfect companion and you have done such a wonderful job!  He is such a charming little guy with so much curiosity. He's so well socialized, gentle and playful. He just loves all the toys we gave him! 

    We just love him to 
death and so does 
everyone who meets 
him.  They invariably 
ask where we got 
such a wonderful little bird. Thanks again for taking the time and really caring about  this little guy's development. We could not have imagined a better family member. We are just so pleased with Kikko, you can't imagine! He's so beautiful and sweet!

Mike and Ann Michelle
Ann Michelle, who works for  Greyhaven Exotic Bird Haven in B.C. Canada, a non profit rescue organization, and her friend Mike with Kikko and their quaker parakeet "Dumas".
Kikko enjoys a "Disney World" for birds with a huge variety of different textures and toys to keep him amused and busy! It's important to provide different stimuli for all species of companion birds. Now wouldn't you want to live here if you were a parrot? 
Mike and his friend look on as the two pionus parrots "Kikko" (the dusky) and "Chopper" (the maximillion) enjoy a snack while deciding what they will play on next. Isn't it wonderful to see how some pet parrots are loved, cherished and provided for? Can you find Kikko?
Jane was extremely helpful when we were deciding to buy our cockatiels. We were unsure at first if we were going to commit to having birds again, but Jane answered every question we had and did not pressure us in any way. When we made the decision, she was prompt to ship them to us and shared her knowledge of birds which helped ease the transition. Our birds, Teako and Tweedie are healthy and well adjusted. They have made wonderful pets and are wonderful additions to our family. We highly recommend Homestead's Hatchery for anyone considering a companion parrot.
The Ainsworth Family
October, 2006.

We recently adopted one of Jane’s Timneh African Grey babies.  Our experience has been nothing but positive from our first e-mail to the continued support we have received after bringing Maya home.  From the beginning, we could tell that Jane genuinely cared about the babies and wanted to provide them with the best begining possible. She focused a lot of energy into proper socialization and nutrition. As a result we came home with a beautiful, healthy, well adjusted little girl. Each day Maya amazes us with new sounds and skills. She is very bright, inquisitive and confident.  We can’t thank Jane enough for all of her help, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. We are so pleased with Maya and are truly enjoying our new adventure in “parrothood”.

Sarah and Mike Brown

November, 2006.

Jane, you do such a wonderful job with your birds. You put a lot of heart and care into your stock. We are now proud owners of a happy, healthy, well -mannered lutino pearl cockatiel. You have a wealth of knowledge  and we appreciate all the information you shared with us. An excellent experience. Thank you!
                                                    John and Family
                                                      Toronto, Ont.
phone: 416-317- 5057

December, 2006: Our Story:

  Our experience with Homestead's Hatchery began with a letter to Santa, written by our 7 year old daughter, Christina. Even before our visit I was so impressed with Jane's extensive knowledge and very helpful approach during our initial phone call. Then in meeting her and all the wonderful babies she was raising. I was sold. 

  The birds were beautiful and she had an amazing way with them. Jane spent a considerable amount of time with us talking about the behaviour and care of birds and sent us home with a very useful handbook and hatch certificate as well as a food sample. This really helped us get comfortable with his care.

  Mozart, as he is named, has now settled in with us and he is such a delight. He's a very happy bird, chirping brightly during the day and eager to come out of his cage to play with us. He is clearly very comfortable and trusting of people and seeks our attention constantly. The careful care he received the first couple of months of his life is obvious - and Jane is always there as a resource if any questions arise. 

   I would highly recommend Homestead's Hatchery to anyone. What a vastly different experience than buying a bird from a pet store as I had done in the past. Thanks again Jane for all your help.

Ingrid, Nick and Christina
Jane, just wanted to give you an update on our baby whiteface cinnamon lutino Bella. She is the sweetest and most gentle bird there is. She loves to come out of her cage when we come home and she plays for at least an hour each day with each of us. She has bonded with us all to the point where she considers us her family.  She loves to have her head scratched and will allow us to do this for as long as we want. We are very 
pleased with her. You could not have raised a more gentle and docile bird. Thank you very much once again.      email:
February 2007
Here's young Maya saying Hi to Shadow, a male timneh she met at her local bird club meeting.

I want you to know how I am absolutely ecstatic about my little cockatiel Cajun!!!  He is all and more that I wanted.  He is adorable, sweet natured, cuddly, loves to be held and petted and kissed.  Actually, he has become "Velcro Bird" because he wants to be up on my shoulder or resting on my chest (with his little head under my chin) all the time.  The reason he is so affectionate is because of you!!!  You are such a nurturing person that these little babies get the best possible start they can!!  I love him to pieces!!!
He is doing so very well and has settled right in.  He is quite content.  I believe he is already trying to talk.  After he has a full tummy, he usually starts singing/talking.  He may be trying to say his name. How cute is that!!!  He is very intelligent and funny... the other day he wanted out of his cage, the door was open, and he tried coming down the rungs of the cage and ended up hanging upside down, clinging to the top portion of the open cage door.  He was swinging back and forth and I laughed at his antics.  I quickly rescued him by putting my hand under him and bringing him out of the cage.  What a little clown he is!!!  He loves to play with Kleenex (supervised of course).  I tell him "pull Cajun" and believe it or not, he pulls very hard on the Kleenex.  I guess the Kleenex is like a "baby blanket" to him.  He actually carries it around with him - Ha! Ha!
Just so you know, I am enjoying him immensely!!!  Thank you Jane for everything you've done.  I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is interested in having one of these wonderful little birds!! Sadly Brigitte lost her battle with cancer Feb. 14, 2011 and is sorely missed.

Cajun and his kleenex!
May 2008
               October 2008

Hi Jane! I just wanted to write and thank you for everything. Zahra, our new baby Timneh African Grey, is settling in well and is a joy to be around! I just wanted to let you know that we are SO happy that we chose to get our timneh baby from you. Right from the get go, we knew you were the one because you actually care what kind of family your birds go to. I appreciate all of the questions you asked me and also all of the questions you answered for me as I prepared to bring my baby home. You have done an amazing job raising our Zahra up to this point.She is SO friendly and willing to accept many family members. We are just delighted to have her as part of our family. We would be pleased to be a reference for you if you ever require it.
Wendy and Jamie Hiusser and Zahra
                        February 2009

I have the best parrot. Her name is Sydney and she is confident, busy, curious, affectionate and very interactive.  If you were to see us together you might not guess that she is five months old and we have only been together for 6 weeks.  I attribute a great portion of our successful relationship to Jane.  Jane not only raised and nurtured a mentally and physically healthy little bird, but as she prepared Sydney for life as a companion parrot, she prepared me for life with a companion parrot.  


I was fortunate to find Jane and discover that she had the type of parrot that I was looking for – a Congo African Grey.  When I first went to visit Jane, Sydney was only a couple of weeks old, completely naked and growling at me from the back of what appeared to be a microwave oven.  I was indecisive as to whether baby birds were ugly or cute, but I was certain they had the most enormous feet.  I had read about parrots on the internet, was half way through my third parrot book and although I was no stranger to animal husbandry, I had never really been close to a parrot, had never touched a parrot and had certainly never lived with a parrot.  Fortunately, as much as I was eager to learn, Jane was willing to share.  I visited as much as I could and Jane always made me feel welcome.  It was a privilege to be able to watch Sydney develop and to be able to slowly become accustom to how birds move, how they feel and how they behave.  With each visit, both Sydney and I became more familiar.  Jane taught me how to handle a parrot, feed a parrot, play with a parrot and understand various aspects of parrots.  By the time Sydney was ready to come home, I was ready to bring her home.  I felt confident and knowing that Jane was an email or phone call away was a great safety net.


I can’t imagine life without Sydney now.  I am constantly surprised at how much presence she has, how expressive she is and what good company she provides.  I have taught Sydney how to wave, to turn around on her perch and she is learning how to pick up items when asked. She enjoys her food, her toys and pulling my pens and markers out of their holders. Sydney will trash a scrabble game given half a chance, runs off with quilting fabrics and pulled the on/off button from my calculator in the blink of an eye.  I am honoured that Sydney trusts me enough to lie on her back in the palm of my hand and she sometimes makes a soft little cooing/hooting noise that sounds like whispered sweet nothings. I got the best parrot, I’m sure of it. Thank you Jane.


Timneh African Grey Reference                     Dec. 2009
Obtaining a Timneh African Grey from Jane, owner of Homestead Hatcheries, has been the best experience I have ever had purchasing a pet. From the beginning, when Sage was just a twinkle in Stetson and Serenity's eyes, Jane's kind and detailed emails provided service and caring that were above and beyond anyone I had contacted regarding African Greys. Her passion for her birds is infectious, and there was no doubt in my mind that this was exactly what I was looking for, an extremely experienced and caring breeder. She provided weekly pictures, updates, information, and exceeded my expectations. As for my TAG, Sage, it is so obvious from her easygoing demeanor and fun loving personality that there is no better start she could have gotten. She is healthy, lovable, smart, balanced, social and beautiful! She is brave and sweet, and I know the reason she can take on the world so well is because of the care and attention paid to her by Jane and her flockmates in her first few months of life. I am forever grateful for my Sage. Anyone who wishes to hear further on how my dealings with Homestead Hatcheries has been, please feel free to email me at, this small letter really doesn't do justice to Jane and her abilities, she really is that good!!! Thanks to Jane for my amazing TAG, and we will only deal with Jane when we add to our flock!                                                                                                                                                    Bonnie Farion

Hi Jane, 

    I am reflecting on my visit to meet our congo "Oliver" and wanted to thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule.  I cannot believe my fortune to have found you.  It is very clear that you are not only knowledgeable but very concerned as to who your babies go to.  

    I have spent the last 15 minutes making notes on everything that you have said.  
I would encourage you to consider writing a book of sorts.  I have done a lot of reading but have not gotten as much out of it as I did with our meeting.  

You can rest assured that I will do everything I can to provide this special creature with a great home.  Thank you, thank you and thank you again!  Talk soon 

- Leslie Wheaton